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Corporate IT

Many small and medium-sized do not have the time and the resources to create an IT services team that handles all computing-related needs. Even if your company can handle running an IT department, chances are good that your business will eventually need to upgrade its IT infrastructure and/or replace outdated computer software programs on many different machines at once.

This is where Keytel Systems comes in by providing Corporate IT solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Keytel Systems Manages Your Complete Corporate IT System

In today's world, information is everything. Gathering and analyzing data in order to make decisions can be the difference between growth and stagnation for your business. With a precise balance of hardware and software, a managed services plan from Keytel systems ensures that you have seamless access to information when you need it and where you need it.

Unsurpassed Help Desk Support

What separates Keytel Systems from the competition when it comes to delivering superior IT services? It’s called prompt and unwavering IT support. We offer thoroughly trained help desk professionals that will manage and monitor the performance of your IT systems, 24/7/265. Our help desk is not about you leaving us a message and then having us get back to you hours down the road. We understand that corporate IT support requires real time responses for real time business.

A Flawless Cloud-Based Network

At the heart of your corporate IT system is your computer network. It is our goal to design a cloud-based computer network that optimizes operational efficiency and provides the appropriate security to protect your company's sensitive data.

Upgraded Phone Technology

The management of corporate phone systems requires meticulous planning. There could be hundreds of phones in a corporate office, with extensions, conferencing, voicemails, cell phones, and so much more to consider.  Keytel Systems can help remove some of that burden by leveraging years of expertise and the benefits of cloud-hosted VoIP technology.

The Right IT Infrastructure in the Right Place

We often consider ourselves architects of IT. In a large corporate office, knowing what infrastructure to use and where to place it is something you only learn from years of experience. From cabling and wiring, WIFI routers, security cameras, and access control systems. Like the architecture of a building, the infrastructure that makes your IT run is partly science, and partly art. 

An IT Partnership that Makes Sense for Your Business

We understand that every business is different. Our suite of managed IT services offerings means that each corporate client we bring on has a custom-built plan just for them.  IT consulting, IT vendor managementco-managed IT, virtual CIO, or hardware as a service are just some of the ongoing managed services that we can incorporate to get the best results that work for you.

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Keytel Systems

Since 1984, Keytel Systems has provided comprehensive IT services and support for small and mid size businesses. Our considerable experience allows us to develop the most effective IT plan for your organization.

Let us focus on your IT, while you focus on your business.

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