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Accounting used to all about balancing the numbers on one side of a paper ledger to the numbers sitting on the other side of the same paper ledger. There was a lot of erasing and white-out.

Paper ledgers have gone the way of the dodo, and digital accounting practices are now the standard.  Accountants collect, analyze, record, and present financial information so that important decisions can be made. To generate that data, accountants of all levels of expertise need to work with accounting software that performs consistently and reliably. There's no time for downtime.

When you work with Keytel Systems to develop IT solutions for your accounting firm,  we review all of the current systems being used before devising a customized package that can include the integration of a productivity suite, as well cloud platforms that bolster digital security measures.

Managed IT Services for Accountants

Keytel Systems recruits seasoned IT services specialists that help accountants get up to speed with new technology, both software and hardware. Then, we consitently monitor and manage the IT systems to help accountants operate much more efficiently.

Keytel Systems places a strong emphasis on developing the skill sets of the professionals responsible for creating comprehensive IT solutions for our accountant clients. This means you do not have to explain the accounting concepts used in daily operations. Our IT for accountants team gets it.

And most importantly, our team of IT professionals understands the important role security plays in protecting sensitive financial data. We provide technology support that maximizes the security of the data you churn out for your clients. The last thing you can afford to happen is to have a breach of a client's financial records.

Cloud Computing Solutions for Accountants

Cloud-based computing systems improve both productivity and security. Keytel Systems will help you answer every cloud computing question as it pertains to your accounting practice.

Here are a few cloud-hosted IT solutions to consider that work well for accountants:

  • Email
  • Remote desktop
  • Virtualization
  • Supply chain management
  • Secure file sharing
  • Productivity tools
  • Data storage
  • Enterprise resource planning

Complying with Accounting Regulations

Accountants must follow a strict set of regulations that protect clients against fraud and inaccurate data processing. When you work with Keytel Systems, the IT services we establish for your accounting practice will exceed the minimum standards set by state and federal regulatory agencies. The most cited federal law by our accountant clients is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which was enacted in response to the financial crisis of 2008-09. We work closely with our accountant clients to ensure every standard mandated by the SOX Act is followed to the letter of the law.

We work hard to help accountants remain ahead of the technology curve by building dependable and high performance IT systems. To learn more about what we have to offer, schedule a no-obligation consultation by calling us at (614) 866-7700 or scheduling a consultation.

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