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If you've ever watched a legal drama on TV, you probably saw a tense unfolding of legal procedures inside of a packed courtroom.  Defense lawyers made compelling arguments and the prosecution team presented convincing evidence. What you don't see is that the real legwork for the case happened on computer screens in the offices of attorneys for weeks in advance.

The legal profession depends heavily on technology for both research and file storage. While there still may be some file cabinets here and there, the majority of work for clients is researched, written, and transferred digitally. No more trips to the courthouse, no more dedicated rooms just for file storage.  Because of all those important documents, backups and network security are paramount. The IT professionals at Keytel Systems are well-versed in the IT needs of attorneys. We can provide your legal practice with a dynamic IT system that no only delivers real time data and information, but reduces IT expenses as well.

Why Keytel is the Answer to Your IT Needs

Whether you have just graduated from law school or run a multiple partner firm, you understand the critical role technology plays in helping you deliver superior legal services. However, most legal professionals do not have the time and/or knowledge to implement the best technology practices.

Keytel Systems fulfills the role of technology facilitator.

For many law firms, it is cost prohibitive to use a dedicated IT staff or even hire just one IT professional. At Keytel Systems, we don't just speak the language of technology, but we speak the language of business. We can handle all your IT services to ensure technology works for you, for a flat monthly cost. Best of all, you work with a professional company who not only knows what they're doing, and who you like doing business with.

Customized IT for Attorneys

Keytel Systems knows how to leverage the latest technology solutions to increase the speed at which your firm collects, facilitates, and processes legal information. Best of all, you pay for what you need, not what an IT services company says you need.

We have implemented technology systems for many different law firms.  As a result, we can employ best practices to hardware, software, and cloud computing components for law firms, while at the same time tailoring those components for your specific needs.  We collaborate with the best hardware vendors in the industry, as well as suggest software programs that we know can make a big boost in your firms productivity.

And after setup, a customized managed services plan to ensure that your technology is always up and running, and that your files are always backed up and stored securely.

IT Solutions that Ensure Confidentiality

Confidentiality is the heart of any legal profession relationship. At Keytel Systems, we leverage the most advanced technology to ensure our clients establish confidential legal relationships. From impenetrable firewalls to highly protected VoIP systems, we deliver top cyber security services for law firms.

And for those who are worried about the security of their mobile devices. Don't worry, we've got that covered too, with special security features and software that can be added to the mobile devices of everyone in the office.

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