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The art of precisely designing structures and developing processes that work flawlessly are what drive architects and engineers. At Keytel Systems, we can relate. 

In the computer age, you need to take blueprints created on paper and transform your vision into a digital masterpiece. This is where our team of IT experts come in. With T-squares a distant memory, you want your architecture or engineering firm to benefit from all that technology has to offer. Trust the experts at Keytel Systems to design and build the hardware and software solutions that make your structural vision a long lasting reality.

IT Hardware for Architects and Engineers

Our goal is to provide computing hardware that matches the unique digital needs of your engineering or architect firm.

The IT for engineers and architects professional at Keytel Systems work closely with clients to determine computing performance needs. If you work at a small firm, you might not need larger servers and other types of computing equipment that power the operations of firms that have an international presence. Our hardware solutions can easily run a wide variety of software programs used by architects and engineers, such as Revit, AutoCAD, and Production Design Suite.

Remotely Access Your Software

Knowing about the demands placed on architects and engineers goes a long way towards developing unique IT strategies for that industry. Engineers and architects spend considerable time in the field updating project designs and ensuring every step of a project complies with state and federal building laws.

This means you must have remote access to your firm’s computer software. Remote access works best by opting for a cloud computing platform. Not only does cloud computing give you instant access to all the computer software that keeps the project moving forward, it also provides the level of security you need to store sensitive proprietary data. And, it's easily scalable, so when you grow, it grows.

Your creative vision must always remain your creative vision. With the cloud computing solutions offered by Keytel Systems, you never have to worry about a breach of data security.

The Importance of a Backup and Recovery System

Architect and engineering projects involve a lot of hard work, and the last thing you want is trying to access data that is no longer stored in your IT system. Keytel Systems understands that the loss of critical data can mean the end of an engineering or architect project. We establish data backup and recovery plans that prevent the loss of the information you need to complete successful projects on time.

Support your creative vision with an IT services plan that gives you the advantage over other architects or engineers. Keytel Systems offers a no-obligation consultation to discuss the many ways we can support your business You can reach us at (614) 866-7700 or by scheduling an it consultation.

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