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IT for Government

The days of accessing important information from a file cabinet are over. Welcome to the digital age for processing and storing government information.

For years, Keytel Systems has worked closely with several government agencies at all levels to bolster the performance of their IT infrastructure. We have enhanced productivity, controlled spiraling IT costs, and generated a higher return on IT services investments.

Our team of IT solutions professionals conducts comprehensive reviews of every IT for government project that includes deciding whether an agency can benefit from cloud IT solutions.

IT for Municipal Governments

At the heart of our IT services is cloud computing, which has transformed how local government agencies store and secure sensitive data. With the growing threat of hacking confronting many municipal government agencies, it is imperative that your agency protect sensitive data is a secure environment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our team of IT experts will develop a redundant infrastructure plan that includes the highest level of support and monitoring. Automatic data backups at intervals that your agency dictates ensure you never lose sensitive information. Private sector quality data management keeps every project initiated by your agency on track for successful completion. In addition, our virtualization solutions improve computing efficiency by increasing the rate of data processing, as well as decreasing the office space your agency needs to function optimally.

IT for Fire and Police Departments

Sense of urgency is the guiding principle for the professionals that work in municipal police and fire departments. Keytel Systems helps our fire and law enforcement clients achieve the highest level of urgency by developing data backup and recovery systems that can be quickly accessed during emergencies. When the time comes to act during an emergency, your fire or police department can operate knowing all of your data is secure.

Our team of IT services professionals allow fire and police departments to do more by using less valuable energy resources. We will increase the efficiency of your customized databases, as well as improve the capability of your agency to create advanced images. When you need a team of IT professionals to respond to an IT issue, Keytel Systems responds with a sense of urgency as well by fulfilling the time we quoted via email or over the phone.

IT for 911 Call Centers

No other government agency needs to act with a greater sense of urgency than the responders that take 911 calls. Keytel Systems initiates Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions for 911 call centers. Our VoIP solutions will improve your response times, as well as handle more calls in less time.

We offer a large number of managed IT services for 911 call centers that include 24/7 support and monitoring of your networking equipment. You can access our help desk around the clock as well to fix computer glitches and software malfunctions. When the time comes to analyze the efficiency of your 911 call center, Keytel Systems offers several performance tracking tools, such as monthly management reports and ongoing maintenance status updates.

Make your government agency much more efficient by working with the IT services team at Keytel Systems. Call our office at (614) 866-7700 or submit the convenient online form today to schedule a no-obligation phone consultation.

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