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Hardware as a Service

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Like the rest of the machines and equipment that drive your business, computer hardware has a limited lifespan. And like many of the machines and equipment driving your business towards success, the breakdown of just once piece of the computer hardware puzzle can bring your company to a standstill. When a desktop computer goes down or a workstation malfunctions, the pulse of your business can disappear.

This is why Keytel Systems introduced Hardware as a Service (HaaS) for our clients.

If you are like most small and mid size businesses, the capital expense of purchasing new computer hardware can set the company back financially for weeks, if not months. The flip side of the expense coin is that if you fail to maintain a highly effective IT system, your company will experience a drop in productivity and a decline in sales.

This is where Keytel Systems fits into the computer hardware equation. Our team of computer hardware experts will provide you with every computer hardware device your business needs to remain ahead of the competition. We provide servers, routers, switches, and workstations before the hardware breaks down or worse, becomes obsolete. If any component of your IT hardware system fails, we immediately act by replacing the component at no additional cost for your business.

Our HaaS IT solution to hardware malfunctions is especially a good match for small and mid size companies that typically do not make bulk computer hardware purchases.

No Upfront Cost for Your Business

Like most of our IT services, the Keytel Systems HaaS IT solution is a service provided on a monthly basis. Many of our clients that contract with us for managed services also incorporate HaaS into their comprehensive IT services plan . Instead of your business enduring a financially crippling blow because of the need to buy an expensive hardware component, our team of HaaS specialists come to the rescue right away by repairing the existing equipment or installing a new piece of equipment.

This means by incorporating HaaS into your monthly Keytel Systems IT service plan, you do not have to make major capital expenditures to purchase new pieces of computer hardware.

Enrolling in our wildly popular HaaS program removes the financial burden of having to shuffle around funds to pay for a major capital expense. It also means you do not have to spend time making the change between a malfunctioning hardware component and the new piece of computer equipment that replaces it.

You save both time and money by enrolling in the Keytel Systems HaaS program.

HaaS Gives Ohio Business Owners a Peace of Mind

At Keytel Systems, we understand the considerable pressure of running a small or mid size business. The goal of our IT services package is to remove as much of the pressure as possible. With HaaS, you never have to restructure your operating budget after the purchase of an expensive computer hardware component.

Your business will gain a competitive edge in your industry by including Hass in one of our affordable monthly rate IT services programs. No more loss of production, no more money lost because of a decline in productivity.

Learn more about how HaaS can help you save money and maintain a competitive edge over other businesses by scheduling a no-obligation phone consultation. Call one of our personable and knowledgeable client service representatives at (614) 866-7700 or send us an email.

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