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Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

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When your company experiences a technology disruption, you want to get in contact with a company that can provide immediate service to get your business back up and running. In other words, you want to interact with an IT services professional who is dedicated to solving client IT issues.

Welcome to the Keytel Systems's Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) program.

The Keytel Systems vCIO program offers our clients an IT service they would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. An IT professional dedicated to solving complex problems will function as your Chief Information Officer, interacting with you remotely and in-person on a consistent basis. Instead of a team of IT services experts hindering your daily operations, we put one certified and experienced IT services professional on call to handle everything you need.

For large companies, a CIO is part of the executive team that makes all of the decisions for the organization. Look at our vCIO professionals in the same light. They assume an incredible amount of responsibility by providing focused support to the clients that we assign to them. Knowing you have a virtual CIO ready to help you solve difficult IT services problems will give you the peace of mind to continue with overseeing your daily operations.

Benefits of Working with a vCIO

The first thing we do when a client calls for IT support is to send a team of IT professionals to your business location. Our team will complete a thorough analysis of your IT system, before spending time discussing the IT solution options that match your business goals. Then, we select a vCIO who will understand your business goals and operating model. Our vCIO will develop a customized game plan to optimize the use of technology, as well as establish systems that prevent future IT malfunctions.

Here are some other benefits of working with a Keytel Systems vCIO:

Enhanced Productivity

Bottlenecks in your IT system can lower the productivity of the entire team. Our time-tested vCIO professionals know exactly how to implement IT solutions that boost productivity. We focus on eliminating certain steps in the process of your IT system.

Lower Costs

A boost in productivity is just one way our team of vCIOs help clients lower costs. Our vCIOs also know how to enhance the performance of IT systems, which leads to much lower operational costs. If you have a redundant IT process or your IT system is a model for operational inefficiency, one of the members of our vCIO team will offer ways for you to squeeze redundancies and inefficiencies out of your IT system.

Managing Data

With advance databases, it can become a burden to manage data for any organization. We will connect you with a vCIO who will ensure your business gets everything out of a modern data analysis program. In turn, you will know more about your team of professionals, your dependable vendors, and most important of all, your loyal clients.

Improvement in Communication

The vCIO we assign to your company has one obligation: To make sure your IT system reaches peak performance. You will have quick access to your vCIO, which means you do not have to deal with being put on hold or sitting at your desk wondering when the so-called online client service representative will answer your initial query.

Keytel Systems offers several ways to provide superior IT services. One of the unique ways and one of the ways that some our competitors want to emulate is our highly rated vCIO program. Work with a dedicated vCIO today by calling Keytel Systems at (614) 866-7700 or by sending us an email.

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