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IT Vendor Management

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The IT services professionals at Keytel Systems develop technology solutions to help clients focus on running other areas of their businesses. You can rest assured that Keytel Systems will take care of managing technology solutions that may be provided by other vendors.

What is IT Vendor Management?

IT Vendor Management is all about matching your IT needs to the solutions.

We have compiled an impressive record of helping small and mid size businesses optimize their technology resources. The key to accomplishing optimal IT support is to understand that we can't know everything and we can't be everywhere. Knowing when to delegate is one of the most important skills a management team can have.

At Keytel Systems, we help you minimize technology expenses and expand your services by connecting you with third-party hardware and software vendors as appropriate. The services offered by our carefully selected third-party vendors could include things such as a short consultation about ways to improve your website speed to a comprehensive program that overhaul your IT infrastructure.

How We Select Vendors

When selecting vendors, we conduct a thorough vetting process to recruit third-party vendors to become part of our team. Certifications in the areas where a vendor specializes is important, as well as the ability to interact with clients in a timely and personable manner

Experience is a big part of choosing a company like Keytel Systems. It sure is nice to know that when you call us for IT support, we will deliver the right solution that matches your needs. Even if that means having a third-party vendor step in.

Make Your Company More Efficient

One of the problems with outsourcing IT solutions is that the process can get bogged down in bureaucratic red tape. One of your employees hands off the responsibilities to another employee or the team in charge of putting together a comprehensive IT plan has become overwhelmed with putting out small fires on a daily basis. Whatever the case, efficiency declines to the point of turning an IT solutions project into an operational nightmare.

When you contract with Keytel Systems, we first take an inventory of every piece of computer hardware, as well as the software programs that make your business run flawlessly. We collect data like licenses, warranties, configurations, and serial numbers to help our vendors get ahead of the technology curve. Our dedication to preparation makes it much easier for our vendors to complete their piece of your overall IT puzzle.

Learn more about the Keytel Systems IT Vendor Management program by calling our office at (614) 866-7700 or sending us an email.

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