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Be Mindful of All the Internet of Things Devices on Your Network

Be Mindful of All the Internet of Things Devices on Your Network

The Internet of Things is a phenomenon that must be accounted for, as the sheer number of devices accessing networks means that security is always a concern. How can your organization be sure that the Internet of Things doesn’t create problems? It all starts by being aware of how your organization’s network infrastructure operates in relation to the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is essentially a massive network of connected devices. Some of them have not traditionally taken advantage of network connectivity, but now depend on it. The more obscure examples of Internet of Things devices include kitchen appliances and other oddities, whereas the more usable devices include watches, wearables, connected vehicles, smart homes, and more. Some Internet of Things devices can even communicate with others, sending data and using it for a certain functionality. It all coalesces into a security disaster waiting to happen.

To prepare for this, you need to implement what’s called an Internet of Things policy within your workplace. Here are some ways you can keep the Internet of Things from devastating your business.

It’s Impossible to Stop Them All

One of the most valuable lessons of dealing with Internet of Things devices is that it’s impossible to keep tabs on every single device that enters your office. If you assume that each employee has a smartphone, a laptop, and at least one or two other minor devices, it all adds up. Therefore, you need to prepare for the worst by expecting it.

You Need to Do Your Best

The best way to protect against the Internet of Things is to be prepared for them. Implementing security measures is key, and the best ones for this situation include a Unified Threat Management system (UTM) and a Bring Your Own Device policy (BYOD). What this enables is the ability to eliminate threats and keep them from entering your network in the first place, including from your employees’ personal devices. It also helps to have a password-protected network so that passing devices don’t automatically connect to your wireless network.

Working with a managed IT provider like Keytel Systems can make it easier to manage all of the devices that make their way to your business’ network. To learn more about what we can do for your organization, reach out to us at (614) 866-7700.

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