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Can Azure Provide You with the Tools Your Business’ Needs?

Can Azure Provide You with the Tools Your Business’ Needs?

Most businesses think about Microsoft Office when the topic of Microsoft comes up, or at least Microsoft Windows. One of the services that has flown somewhat under the radar is Microsoft Azure, the tech giant’s cloud computing platform. What are some of the biggest selling points for Microsoft’s proprietary cloud computing solution, and what does it mean for your business?

Explaining Azure (and the Cloud in General)

Azure is like other cloud computing platforms in that you can host applications and data in an online environment. This has several advantages over hosting on-premises hardware, such as lower chances of downtime, less equipment maintenance, and extremely low odds of device theft. In fact, many organizations that can’t afford to hire in-house IT workers can leverage the expertise of cloud providers to take advantage of the same services as organizations that have much bigger budgets, effectively giving the little guy more competing power.

Another big benefit of using cloud solutions like Azure is that they are scalable to suit the needs of your business. Let’s say you hire ten new employees who all need to be connected to your infrastructure; this might be a daunting task, but if all of the resources are available in the cloud, it instead becomes a convenience. You don’t need to waste time running cables and hooking up workstations to your server infrastructure. All you need to do is create accounts for them.

Before implementing any sort of cloud solution, you want to first assess your options. If you’re new to this type of solution, or you want to have your options explained to you by a professional, we always suggest working with a managed IT provider, who can consult your business on the best cloud-based solutions for your organization. Of course, depending on the needs, you might find that a different type of cloud solution will better suit your organization.

Keytel Systems can help you determine the best path forward for cloud-based services at your organization. To learn more, reach out to us at (614) 866-7700.

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Wednesday, November 13 2019

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