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Cloud IT Solutions

What can the Cloud do for your Business?

At Keytel Systems, we understand that many of our clients do not come from IT backgrounds. The constant flow of new technology jargon and devices can be overwhelming for business owners and operators that must wear several different professional hats. One technology system has become the standard for many IT systems is "The Cloud," which takes a considerable burden off the shoulders of business owners and operators.

It is the future of technology, and it also saves time and money.

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Microsoft Office 365

The Foundation of your Business's Software Lineup

Wouldn’t it be nice if your business paid for things it actually uses? Unfortunately, in the world of computer software, far too many businesses buy software packages that just aren't what they need. Some of the software tools that are part of the packages never see the light behind a computer screen.

Keytel Systems has changed the way small and medium size businesses shop for software programs. We offer a variable payment model for software, which includes one of the most powerful business software suites available for companies: Microsoft 365.

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Cloud Backup & File Sharing

A Financially Sound Way to Protect your Data

Here today, gone tomorrow is not a saying you want the members of your high achieving team to say. This is especially true for critical business data that forms the foundation of your business decision processes. Data that you accessed today and then disappears tomorrow can set your company back in terms of both time and money.

Rapidly increasing IT costs and the possibility of losing data are the two primary reasons many of our clients have turned to cloud computing solutions. Because Keytel Systems typically operates on a monthly billing cycle for IT services, the cost of improving your IT capabilities via a cloud backup plan becomes an operating expense that your company can anticipate and plan for.

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Keytel Systems

Since 1984, Keytel Systems has provided comprehensive IT services and support for small and mid size businesses. Our considerable experience allows us to develop the most effective IT plan for your organization.

Let us focus on your IT, while you focus on your business.

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