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Cloud Backup & File Sharing

cloud backup

Here today, gone tomorrow is not a saying you want the members of your high achieving team to say. This is especially true for critical business data that forms the foundation of your business decision processes. Data that you accessed today and then disappears tomorrow can set your company back in terms of both time and money.

Rapidly increasing IT costs and the possibility of losing data are the two primary reasons many of our clients have turned to cloud computing solutions. Because Keytel Systems typically operates on a monthly billing cycle for IT services, the cost of improving your IT capabilities via a cloud backup plan becomes an operating expense that your company can anticipate and plan for.

A Financially Sound Way to Protect Your Data

One of the financial goals our clients have is to prevent spending a substantial amount of money for capital expenses. When your business uses a cloud-base computer system for hosting office communications, you save money by utilizing an IT package that covers every computing expense in one neat monthly payment. Going with a cloud backup program allows your organization to create and integrate more dynamic solutions into its IT strategy.

Securely Store and Back Up Business Data

If your company is in search of an affordable way to store and back up essential business data, them signing up with our cloud interface program is the way to go. In addition to enhancing your budget flexibility, the Keytel Systems cloud backup tool offers several additional benefits.

  • Pay only for what you need
  • Flexible data storage to accommodate different business models
  • Mobile access to synchronized files in real time
  • No hardware infrastructure management and maintenance costs
  • All revised files back up automatically
  • Integration of email security tools

Use Your Time Wisely

As the owner, you often feel like the person who spins several plates at the same time, and then spends the rest of the time making sure none of the plates falls and breaks. By using a cloud-based data backup system, you free up more time to complete other important projects for your business.

Keytel Systems has developed a cloud backup solution that allows our clients to protect the most sensitive information every time the information needs to be securely stored. In return for using our cloud backup system, you not only protect your company’s most critical digital assets, you also will improve the productivity of every member of your successful team.

Keytel Systems offers a no-obligation consultation to discuss our cloud backup solution for storing, updating, and protecting essential business data. Send us an email or call us at (614) 866-7700 to get started.

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