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Wouldn’t it be nice if your business paid for things it actually uses? Unfortunately, in the world of computer software, far too many businesses buy software packages that just aren't what they need. Some of the software tools that are part of the packages never see the light behind a computer screen.

Keytel Systems has changed the way small and medium size businesses shop for software programs. We offer a variable payment model for software, which includes one of the most powerful business software suites available for companies: Microsoft 365.

For small and medium size companies, Microsoft Office 365 is the foundation of the software lineup. Imagine what your business would have to spend if you paid for all of the software programs individually that are a part of the popular productivity suite created by Microsoft: File sharing, Microsoft Office, database tools, email clients, and more.

And by contracting with Keytel Systems, we can help save you money. Instead of the more common per machine rate, we help our clients remain within their IT budgets by offering Microsoft Office 365 on a monthly billing plan. You get an incredible software program that enhances your company’s productivity, without having to move money around to pay for it.

About Microsoft Office 365

As a subscription computer software service, Microsoft Office 365 includes business management staples such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. You can install the apps in a wide variety of electronic devices, from laptops and desktops to Android phones and tablets. The beauty of this powerful office management suite is that it backs up all files automatically by using the OneDrive PC folder backup feature.

Microsoft Office 365 is renowned for protecting files and images against digital attacks. The OneDrive detection and recovery system acts as a solid virtual shield that fends off malware and viruses. Your team has the capability to connect with customers and vendors via Skype, as well as receive ongoing support from a Microsoft customer service representative through chat or over the phone.

Gain Access to Microsoft 365 from Anywhere

Perhaps the best feature of Microsoft Office 365 is that it allows your team members to collaborate on projects in real time. This means everyone working on the same project can access the highly productive business management tool from a wide variety of devices that include tablets, Smartphones, and personal desktop computers. As long as there is an Internet connection and you use the Microsoft Windows operating system, a team member waiting for a flight to depart can work on the same project with another team member who is sitting behind a desk at the office.

Cloud Computing at its Finest

Every Microsoft Office 365 application sits ready for use on the cloud. Every application that comprises the business computer software suite is available on a team SharePoint site and at an online meeting place that permits high definition videos and screen sharing capabilities. Super-fast load times and a redesign to improve user interactions make the cloud platform ideal for small and medium size companies. When you work with Microsoft Office 365 from the cloud, every application backs up automatically in its current state.

You never have to utter the phrase, “We have to start over.”

Get Started with Microsoft Office 365

The cloud productivity software program is a secure way to store all your business files. With an uptime rate at 99.9%, you can rest assured Microsoft Office 365 is ready for use from anywhere, at any time. Learn more about Microsoft Office 365 by contacting Keytel Systems. You can reach us for a no-obligation consultation at (614) 866-7700 or send us an email.

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