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Cloud Hosted VoIP Solutions

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The future of business conversations is here.

When Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology arrived several years ago, it shined light on how much traditional business phone solutions had aged. Because of advanced Internet technology, as well as other online tools such as the cloud, companies are having a hard time justifying opting for traditional phone communication solutions anymore.

One of the reasons traditional telephone systems are quickly becoming obsolete is that land lines cannot accommodate rapid business growth. When your business begins to grow, you do not have to add cumbersome equipment that can make communicating over the phone a logistical nightmare.

VoIP-based communication systems make it much easier for companies of all sizes to meet the dynamic demands of business growth. When you work with the IT services professionals at Keytel Systems, you can expect to develop a VoIP system that eliminates unproductive telephone services. Our team of VoIP specialists understands how to maximize the benefits of a VoIP system to match your unique business operation needs.

Budget-Friendly Communication Solution

Many traditional telephone service companies bundle services together to make the impression that businesses save money by using the services. However, you have to ask one important question: Does your business really need all of the services pushed by a traditional telephone carrier?

With VoIP, your business pays for the telephone services it actually uses. You do not spend money on telephone services that sit idle. Keytel Systems will develop a cloud-hosted VoIP package that reduces your company’s communication expenses.

Easy to Install

If you are looking to replace your company’s obsolete PBX system, then our 3CX system will become the answer to your telephone communication needs. The best part is that by going with the Keytel Systems’ 3CX, you never have to worry about the installation and management of the high-tech telephone communications system.

With a cloud-hosted VoIP solution, its easy to add users, extensions, and phone lines, all of which can be done remotely.  Our team of VoIP experts connect with prominent SIP trunks a few minutes after establishing templates that we configured out of our high-tech center. The, we plug in an IP phone or a gateway to your network for instant configuration. There is no hand wringing, no head scratching. Installation is a seamless process that involves little work on site. Most of the work is done at our high-tech center.

Easy to Manage

Running a business requires the ability to juggle multiple tasks at the same time. When you go with a VoIP package from Keytel Systems, you will have one less task to juggle.

Operating a business telephone system can take your focus away from important responsibilities like making sure your customers receive the best service. Small and mid size companies typically do not have the resources to hire qualified professionals to manage and maintain a telephone system. Our comprehensive VoIP solutions package leverages the Internet to handle all your communication needs.

Easy to Use

Using your new VoIP system is easy as well. You can use your extension anywhere you want, which makes VoIP a highly portable way to stay on touch with customers and the members of your team. Use your extension to make free VoIP phone calls on any Smartphone and when you issue PUSH notifications, the battery reduces the amount of energy needed to run your VoIP system.

Start your journey into the future of telephone communications by contacting Keytel Systems. You can reach us at (614) 866-7700 or send us an email.

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