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IT Infrastructure

cabling services

Cabling & Wiring

Planning and Installing A Hardware Road Map

One aspect of installing an IT system that does not appear on the radar of many business owners is where should the IT system be installed. There are many variables that come into play, including the importance of knowing about the cabling and wiring used to power an IT system.

Developing a comprehensive IT plan for your business can be a daunting task. After all, you have to account for every component that comprises the hardware infrastructure. Each component has a specific job to do, and oftentimes where you place your hardware can make all the difference in performance.

wireless router

Wireless Networks

Fast, Reliable WiFi for your Business

At Keytel Systems, we specialize in providing a seemless wireless services network that keeps your team of professionals closely connected throughout the office.

When you establish a uniform wireless service plan, every professional on your team receives the same Internet access, the same access to the company intranet, and the same access to Microsoft Office 365 tools.

With a number of factors coming into play before you decide on wireless services, it is important for you to sit down with the IT services team from Keytel Systems to discuss every option. Businesses run on the internet. It is our job to make sure you're not losing productivity because of a bad internet connection. No more "dead spots," no more buffering, and no more constantly resetting the router.

Security CameraSecurity Cameras

Advanced Digital Surveillance for Businesses

You need to have the eyes looking over your business to protect both your business and your customers, at a cost that fits within the company security budget. But have you seen what's out there? There must be hundreds of options!

Our team of experienced IT security professionals takes the burden of selecting the best security cameras system off your shoulders. We ensure the money you spend on a security cameras solution is not wasted on frivolous gadgets and unnecessary features. We've installed dozens of security camera systems for our clients, from a simple camera overlooking the front counter to dozens of security cameras that cover a bank.

access controlAccess Control

Control Who, When, and Where Individuals Can Access your Business

Controlling who has access to your physical location and when is an important consideration for businesses. Keytel Systems can develop an access control program that keeps your customers, employees, and valuable data safe.

We understand that security is a critical part of operating a small or a medium size business. We conduct intensive research covering the most effective security systems available for small and mid size companies. The key is for our IT services team to suggest the access control system that delivers the most value for your company.

About Keytel Systems

Keytel Systems

Since 1984, Keytel Systems has provided comprehensive IT services and support for small and mid size businesses. Our considerable experience allows us to develop the most effective IT plan for your organization.

Let us focus on your IT, while you focus on your business.

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