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One aspect of installing an IT system that does not appear on the radar of many business owners is where should the IT system be installed. There are many variables that come into play, including the importance of knowing about the cabling and wiring used to power an IT system.

Developing a comprehensive IT plan for your business can be a daunting task. After all, you have to account for every component that comprises the hardware infrastructure. Each component has a specific job to do, and oftentimes where you place your hardware can make all the difference in performance.

After developing a blueprint for your IT system, you then begin to consider different options for each component. Of course, your IT budget plays a huge role in determining what hardware components to buy. Performance is another factor that you have weigh before signing off on the purchase of hardware.

Keytel Systems Meets Your IT Infrastructure Needs

The IT services pros at Keytel Systems know how important it is to plan and execute the development of a computing infrastructure plan for small and mid size companies. Our highly rated team of technicians take several factors into consideration, before we embark on a mission to optimize the space where the IT system goes, as well as ensure the safety of your team.

Wires and cables present certain safety issues, with tripping and falling representing the most common type of injury caused by an IT infrastructure’s cabling and wiring setup. You also have to consider exposed connections that can cause electric shocks. Safety first is one of your most important business mantras, and Keytel Systems has the same dedication to employee safety when we install wires and cables for your IT hardware.

Keytel Systems is well-known throughout Ohio for its cabling and wiring expertise. Our certified team of technicians understands how to implement the best industry practices for mapping out an infrastructure plan that minimizes the distruption of installtion.

It Starts with a Road Map

When you create a vision for installing IT infrastructure, you have to do much more than simply keep your ideas locked in your brain. At Keytel Systems, we provide our clients with an illustrated road map that presents how an IT infrastructure system will look. This includes clear descriptions of where we plan to install the wires and cables that power your IT system.

Complying with Building Codes

Before your company launches an ambitious IT system, an inspector sent by the city will stop by to ensure your hardware infrastructure plan complies with every building code. Instead of you crossing your finger in anticipation of a building inspector signing off on your IT system, you should work with Keytel Systems to ensure everything exceeds the minimum standards established by local building codes. This is especially important for the wires and cables used to power your company’s IT system.

Managed IT Services Save Your Business Money

With an affordable monthly rate, our IT services will save your company money in the IT budget that you can allocate for other projects. The cabling and wiring services we offer small and mid size businesses is just another example that demonstrates our commitment for offering affordable managed IT services.

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