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Wireless Networks

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At Keytel Systems, we specialize in providing a seemless wireless network that keeps your team of professionals closely connected throughout the office.

When you establish a uniform wireless service plan, every professional on your team receives the same Internet access, the same access to the company intranet, and the same access to Microsoft Office 365 tools.

With a number of factors coming into play before you decide on wireless services, it is important for you to sit down with the IT services team from Keytel Systems to discuss every option. Businesses run on the internet. It is our job to make sure you're not losing productivity because of a bad internet connection. No more "dead spots," no more buffering, and no more constantly resetting the router.

The Physical Space of Your Business

The first question we ask sets the tone for the rest of the wireless services process: How much space do you need covered by a wireless network?

Your company might operate out of a building that has several small offices and meeting rooms, or it might sit smack in the middle of a large open space that covers an entire city block. Determining how much space you want covered for your business will give our IT services team a good idea about how many routers to install, as well as to optimize wireless coverage by installing the routers in the most strategic locations. Another size factor to consider also involves the placement of routers, as routers located too close to each other can send conflicting digital signals.

With numerous years of experiences, the IT services professionals at Keytel Systems knows exactly how to set up wireless access for businesses of varied shapes and sizes.

How Many Users?

The second question also requires a bit of thoughtful consideration: How many users need access to the company wireless communication system?

A router only covers a designated bandwidth to provide maximum processing speeds and to lock down digital security. A rapid increase in digital traffic caused by more users of your wireless network can lead to service disruptions. By knowing how many users your company plans to have for wireless services, we can install the correct number of advanced routers. Keytel Systems works with clients to install the correct number of routers to prevent service disruptions, which increase the productivity of your team.

Securing Your Wireless Network

Finally, we come to the security question.

If you do not fully secure your wireless network, your company’s most important data and information can become vulnerable to cyber thieves. Not only will trade secrets be revealed, your IT infrastructure will be exposed to the cyberattacks initiated by viruses and malware.

Keytel Systems makes wireless services security a top priority by establishing firewalls and making sure that everyone accessing your network has permission to communicate by using wireless digital technology. You can never depend solely on default firewall settings to keep your company data and information safe.

Our highly trained IT services pros will establish a security system that protects your wireless network, as well as educate your team about the best practices to implement for establishing wireless services security.

Start the ball rolling for an upgraded wireless network. Call Keytel Systems today for a no-obligation phone consultation at (614) 866-7700 or send us an email.

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