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If the highly rated IT services team at Keytel Systems had to choose words for advising our clients, it would be there has never been a more critical time to upgrade your cyber security system than right now. Hackers, malware, spyware, viruses, and invasive spam are just a few of the terms that keep small and mid size business operators up at night.

We have earned the reputation for ensuring the highest level of IT security for our clients. Our cyber security services package includes six essential tools to help your company thwart cyber attacks. Not only will your business protect its valuable assets, it will also benefit from the Keytel Systems IT security package by experiencing an increase in productivity and a dramatic reduction in operating expenses.

The Keytel Systems six-step plan for delivering the ultimate in IT security services.

Network Security

Our all-in-one security solution, which we refer to as Unified Threat Management (UTM), represents a comprehensive network security program that allows us to control, manage, and maintain network security from a centralized location. By integrating UTM into your IT services plan, you no longer will have to conduct security updates for every workstation operating within your IT system.

Firewall and Web Content Filtering System

For your business to remain competitive, you need to give your team the digital tools required to optimize efficiency. With the Internet being the most important digital resource, it is imperative that your company institute security measures that prevent outsiders from gaining access to your IT system. The Keytel Systems firewall protection service regulates the content accessed by everyone working for your small or medium size business. You establish user groups and then assign access rights to every employee that needs to access the user groups.

Eliminate Spam

Email messages remain one of the most common types of communication used by business owners and managers. You most likely spend a part of your busy day scanning the inbox for new messages from clients, vendors, and other business owners operating near you. The downside of email communication is the messages that spam you with worthless information, which usually comes in the form of solicitations. Keytel Systems’ IT security services package eliminates spam to ensure you spend your time more efficiently.

Email Encryption

Security has to be a top priority for your email messages. Keytel Systems offers our clients a complete email encryption solution that ensures everything you send out electronically is seen by only you and the for the party for which the message is intended. Our email encryption service works seamlessly with any email platform to deliver instant protection for your email messages.

Security Cameras

The infrastructure of your security is just as important as your security software. Selecting a comprehensive security system for your business can be an overwhelming task. With a seemingly countless number of options, where do you turn to establish a video surveillance system that watches over your business 24 hours per day.

The answer is turn to Keytel Systems for the most advanced security monitoring system.

Although CCTV cameras were the security standard for many years, the fact remains CCTV cameras have become obsolete. They simply do not provide enough protection against invasive actions. The best contemporary security cameras are capable of viewing the small print on a sales receipt from more than 30 feet away. This is the level of security surveillance you want from an IT system.

This is the level of security surveillance we offer our clients.

Access Control

The IT experts working at Keytel Systems understand that physically securing your business is just as important as locking down the virtual components of your IT system. We have spent the time and invested the resources to come up with a proven method for ensuring the physical security of your company. Whether you want to control one automated door or secure every point of entry to your business, the Keytel Systems access control services will get the job done right.

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